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We are now Forefront
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How we have your best interests as our first priority

Does FlipFlop access my files?

Absolutely not. Your browser won't let FlipFlop access your files, camera, location, etc.

Does FlipFlop sell my data?

No, we promise to never sell any of your data. Your computing power is more valuable.

Will FlipFlop damage my device?

FlipFlop allows you to set limits, schedule times, and we prevent your device from running too long.

Will anything illegal be on my computer?

FlipFlop vets all of the researchers looking to use the network. We will never allow bad actors on it.

How many devices can I have on my account?

We don't limit the number of devices, but we do limit the amount you can earn monthly to $2000

Why should I let people use my computer?

Combining the world's unused computing power on our network would create a supercomputer more powerful than any in existence

Researchers need computing power

Advanced AI takes a lot of computing power, and it's in short supply.

People have computers all around them that aren't being used

We all constantly have computing devices around us, yet the vast majority is only operating at less than 25% power

With this new power, researchers can develop new technology at light speed

AI is already revolutionizing science and technology. We want to accelerate that revolution, making tomorrow's discoveries happen today.

How It Works

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Leave a Browser Tab Open When You're Not Using Your Computer

We have your safety and digital wellbeing at the center of our focus. Look at the FAQ section for details on how we protect you.

Get Paid

We pay you straight to your bank account or debit card. As quickly as thirty minutes.

Here's What You Can Earn

Sample Earnings For Common Devices

2016 Macbook Pro

Mid tier version from Apple

  • Running for 8 hours daily
  • This is an estimate

Xbox One

Original version from 2014

  • Running 8 hours daily
  • This is an estimate

Alienware Aurora R8

Mid-Upper Tier Gaming PC

  • Running 8 hours daily
  • This is an estimate

People Who Submitted This Form Have Said

The One At The Bottom Of The Page

Perhaps you've underestimated the number of people who are going to be interested in this sort of thing
Leptoon - Person with two gaming laptops, 2070 and 1070, and a desktop with a 2080
This sounds like a really interesting idea for researchers
J. Gonzalez - Person with a GTX 1080 GPU and an i9 CPU
Would Love to see you guys get your name out there
M. Langes - Person with a GTX 2070 GPU and i7-8700
no card to link up but I'm somewhat willing to donate processing power
E. Liasdias - Person with a dell g7 17
I would love to get involved in this. I can give you 16 hours a day on my main rig and possibly much more on others
Jason C. - Person with a RX 5700 XT GPU and Ryzen 7 2700X CPU
I am excited to use this! Great idea
B. Cline - Person with a Quadro RTX 3000 GPU, i7-9850 CPU, 32gb RAM and an Xbox one X
I leave my computer on 24/7 so it can be utilized often
C. Parks - Person with a RTX 2080, i7-9800, and 32gb RAM
I can't wait to make some coin and further AI research!
"Severity" - Person with a GTX 2080 Ti ("soon to be 3080 Ti"), an Xbox One X, and gaming laptop

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